درس 11 تا 15 کتاب 504

504 absolutely essential words

Chapter 11


  • The evidence proves that she was guilty.
  • I enjoyed meditating beside a solitary tree in the middle of the park.
  • His vision is getting weaker as he gets older.

Evidence: something that makes the truth clear or makes the falsehood of something obvious

Solitary: alone, single, only

Vision: power of seeing, sense of sight


  • My headaches are becoming more frequent.
  • He got a glimpse of her in that beautiful red dress.
  • The information is recent, so we can rely on it.

Frequent: happening often, occurring repeatedly

Glimpse: a short and quick view

Recent: done, made, or occurred not long ago


  • One decade ago, people couldn’t believe that they can make money by making others laugh.
  • Don’t hesitate! grab it! it is a great opportunity.
  • She had an absurd ritual, and she kept insisting on it.

Decade: ten years

Hesitate: fail to act quickly

Absurd: foolish


  • The conflict between family members was increasing, and she didn’t know what to do about it.
  • Only a minority of people can think and act differently.
  • That story can’t be real! It must be a fiction.

Conflict: disagreement, direct opposition

Minority: smaller part or number, less than half

Fiction: something that is imagined or made up

Chapter 12


  • The engine on the left ignites first.
  • People can’t abolish anything by paying more attention to it or focusing on it; they should just let go.
  • Urban areas are always more polluted.

Ignite: set on fire, to start burning

Abolish: do away with completely, put an end to

Urban: of or having to do with city or towns


  • The population of my city is increasing year by year.
  • I was too frank, and I think I hurt her feelings.
  • Lots of people pollute the natural places when they go camping.

Population: people of a city or country

Frank: honest, free in expressing one's real thoughts and feelings

Pollute: make dirty


  • He opened the box to reveal its content.
  • Government must prohibit the sale of cigarettes. 
  • It was an urgent matter! so, he had to leave early.

Reveal: make known

Prohibit: forbidden by law or authorities 

Urgent: important


  • The food was more than adequate, but we were still worried.
  • The decrease in the number of poor people can be a great news.
  • He spoke in an audible whisper, so we were all able to hear him.

Reveal: make known

Adequate: as much as needed, fully sufficient 

Audible: able to be heard

Chapter 13


  • She dreamed of being a journalist.
  • The famine killed lots of kids in that area.
  • They tried to revive her, but it didn’t work.

Journalist: one who writes for a newspaper

Famine: starvation, great shortage

Revive: bring back to life or consciousness


  • It is best to commence in July.
  • Her observant eyes noticed the criminal.
  • We should identify our needs first.

Commence: begin, start

Observant: quick to notice, watchful

Identify: recognize, indicate who or what (someone or something)is


  • Hundreds of people migrate to other countries each year.
  • No vessel will ride in shallow water.
  • If she persist, she will annoy them.

Migrate: move from one place to another

Vessel: a ship, a tube containing body fluids

Persist: continue firmly, refuse to stop or to be changed


  • It is hazy and cool.
  • His gleaming eyes were fixed on one spot.
  • The editor didn’t have time to correct the article last weekend.

Hazy: misty, smoky, unclear

Gleam: a flash or beam of light

Editor: one who corrects a manuscript and helps to improve it

Chapter 14


  • A number of unruly youth scared her to death.
  • Having a rival can help you to step up your game.
  • She acts in a violent way.

Unruly: lawless, hard to rule or control

Rival: onw who tries to do better than someone else

Violent: acting with strong and rough force


  • It was a brutal fight, both of them were hurt badly.
  • Her opponent tried to cheat.
  • He had been in a street brawl.

Brutal: savage, cruel

Opponent: a person acting, struggling, or speaking against someone else

Brawl: noisy quarrel or fight


  • We should make a duplicate of the front door key.
  • The animal seemed vicious, so we ran for our life.
  • We watched the birds whirling and singing.

Duplicate: an exact copy, repeat exactly

Vicious: wicked, evil, savage

Whirling: turning or swinging round and round


  • People always feel bad for the underdog.
  • She thrust a piece of paper into my hand.
  • She gave us a bewildered look and disappeared.

Underdog: a person having the worst of any struggle

Thrust: push with force

Bewildered: confused completely, puzzled

Chapter 15


  • He decided to expand his business in the new town.
  • An old dog can not alter its way of barking.
  • He is a mature female, so she will understand your choice.

Expand: increase in size, enlarge, swell

Alter: make different, change

Mature: ripe, fully grown or developed


  • They believed it was the sacred stone that cured the old man.
  • Before handing in your project, you should revise it.
  • He pledged his support, but he broke his promise.

Sacred: worthy of respect, holy

Revise: change, bring up to date

Pledge: promise


  • She always wears casual clothes.
  • You must pursue your dreams.
  • They were not unanimous, so we couldn’t count on them.

Casual: happening by chance, not planned or expected

Pursue: follow, proceed along

Unanimous: in complete agreement


  • She is so fortunate to be born in such a noble family.
  • He was a pioneer in medical technology.
  • Being innovative is not enough; you should be patient, too.

Fortunate: having a good luck, lucky

Pioneer: one who does something first

Innovative: fresh, clever, having new ideas

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