Learn how to speak like a native speaker

Conversation one

A. Hello Sara.

B. Hi! Good to see you.

A. You too. How have you been?

B. Actually busy as a bee. You?

A. Pretty good. How is your new school?

B. It’s wonderful. What’s new with you?

A. Not much. I just started a new job and everything is great. 

Conversation two

A. How is your day going?

B. Pretty busy. I’m studying for my exam. I’m not even half done yet. 

A. You must feel stressed out now. I won’t distract you anymore. We will talk later. 

B. Sure. Have a great day.

Conversation three

A. Where are you going now?

B. I’m going to a house warming party. 

A. Aren’t you supposed to be home tonight?

B. Yes, but I had a change of plans. 

A. Ok. Have fun then. 

B. Great seeing you. I have to go now. I’ll talk to you later. 

Conversation four

A. What do you think I should do now?

B. If I were you, I would tell her the truth.

A. What if she gets mad?

B. I wish I could suggest something else, but I can’t. 

A. Ok! I’ll come clean.

Conversation five

A. Hi! I need a skirt please.

B. Sure. what size and color?

A. Large and white, please.

B. Ok. This way please.

A. Do you have this skirt in small, too?

B. No, we don’t. I’m sorry. 

Conversation six

A. Hi! What can I do for you?

B. Nothing. I’m just browsing.

A. Is there anything I can help you with?

B. Not now. Thanks anyway. 

A. Anytime. I’m here for you if you need help with anything.

Making an invitation

A. Do you want to hang out?

B. No, thanks. I’m kind of tired right now. 

A. How about going to the movies on Friday?

B. Oh! Can I get back to you on that?

A. Sure.

A. Would you like to go camping this weekend?

B. Sure, I’d love to. I love spending time in nature.


Asking for favors

A. Can you help me with English?

B. Sure. No problem. 

A. Could you bring me some water?

B. I’d be glad to. 

A. Can I ask you a favor?

B. It depends. What is it?

A. Would you come to the slumber party with me?

B. Definitely. I love slumber parties. 

Making suggestions

A. I think you should take a trip. You need it. 

B. Thanks for the advice, but I really can’t  take a few days off right now. 

A. Ok! Let’s go shopping tonight. 

B. Sorry, I can’t. I’m meeting a friend for dinner. 

A. Why don’t we take a walk tomorrow morning?

B. Sounds like a great idea. 

Talking about abilities

A. Can you play the guitar.

B. Yes, but not very well.

A. Are you good at playing tennis?

B. Yes, I’m a great tennis player. 

A. Do you know how to use a laptop?

B. Of course!

A. Can you ride a horse?

B. no, I can’t. I am afraid of animals.

Making offers in English

A. Here. Have a juice box.

B. Thanks.

A. Would you like some pie?

B. No, Thanks. I’m on a strict diet.

A. How about raisons?

B. Raisons will be fine.

A. Can I get you anything else?

B. Well, a glass of water would be okay. 

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