Contrast essay

Contrast essay

Contrast essays discuss the differences between two people, thins, places, and so on. 

Contrast signal words




Even though


Although most dieters initially lose a few pounds, most gain them back again within a few weeks.



My brother likes jazz music, while I prefer pop and traditional.




Doctors say that “ fad” diets do not work, yet many people still try them.


This music was born in the southern part of the United States, but it now enjoys a worldwide audience.

Contrast signals






Millions of people go on diets every year; however, very few succeed in losing weight.

Despite (+noun)

In spite of (+ noun)

Despite ten years of dieting, I am still overweight.

Other signals


In contrast

On the other hand

On the contrary

This genre is not just one style of music; on the contrary, it has many styles such as Chicago, Dixieland, and cool.

Differ (from)

(be) different from

(be) unlike

Present-day music differs from early music in several ways.

The techno styles are very different from the music performed in the past.

A sample essay

     Everyone knows how important it is to have favorable conditions at the workplace. Starting from trivial things such as air conditioners or coolers with fresh water, and ending up with flexible schedules and good relationships with colleagues. All these, as well as many other factors, impact employees’ productivity and quality of work. In this regard, one of the most important factors is the manager, or the boss, who directs the working process. It is not a secret that bosses are often a category of people difficult to deal with: many of them are unfairly demanding, tyrannical, prone to shifting their responsibilities to other workers, and so on. At the same time, there are many bosses who not only manage to maintain their staff’s productivity at high levels, but also treat them nicely, fairly, with understanding, and are pleasant to work with. Let us try to figure out the differences between good and bad managers, or bosses.

     There are numerous cases when a boss sees his or her staff as personal attendants. The scales of this attitude can vary: some bosses may from time to time ask an employee to bring them a cup of coffee—this is tolerable, and in many cases this can be evaluated as a friendly favor a coworker would do for another coworker without feeling inferior or exploited. However, there are managers whose personal demands go far beyond friendly requests. Highly qualified workers sometimes have to face humiliating demands; for example, Jennifer, a finance executive in a big company, had to dress up like a Japanese woman because her boss demanded her to do so. Or another victim of unfair chief-subordinate relationships, Marisa, had to stay in the office late after work because her boss required her to trim his ear hair.

     A “good” boss would obviously not treat his or her subordinates like this. He would respect their feelings, dignity, and personal space; such a boss would not demand colleagues to do personal favors. As it has been mentioned before, asking for a cup of coffee or some other small favor can be tolerable if it does not harm a worker’s productivity and/or somehow infringes upon their dignity. Such favors are often made by subordinate employees for each other, and probably cannot be evaluated as exploitation. Things like those described in the previous paragraph, however, go far beyond a friendly attitude, and feel more like exploitation.

     There are bosses who are typical “emotional vampires.” These people are extremely difficult to work with, and even though they may possess traits necessary for performing their duties excellently, their subordinates usually suffer severe stress because of their bosses’ psychological peculiarities. According to the clinical psychologist Albert Bernstein, vampires fall under four categories: anti-socials, who pursue excitement in all of its forms; obsessive-compulsives, who meticulously seek for the slightest flaws in their subordinates’ work and micromanage everything; histrionics, who need other people’s attention, and narcissists, who believe they are the most spectacular, valuable, and professional employees in the company .Each of these types can be emotionally dangerous for employees. For example, anti-social bosses may provoke conflicts within the office environment, and then enjoy the emotional dramas following up; narcissists will criticize everything and everyone, never satisfied with the work their subordinates do; obsessive-compulsive bosses can drive employees crazy with trying to handle and regulate every little detail of the working process. It does not mean that emotional vampires do it on purpose; rather often, such traits are subconscious behavioral patterns, but this still does not make employees’ lives easier.

     A “good boss,” on the contrary, does not try to regulate everything, or put himself or herself on a pedestal. Such a person is supportive, knows the weak and the strong professional traits of each of his or her subordinates, listens to what staff has to say, encourages the personnel, and cares not just about the work done but also about the team in general and about each of the team’s members. “Bad” bosses may be highly competent in the latest theories regarding their field of work, but it is the skill to manage personnel, to inspire rather than to enforce, which makes yet another difference between the good and the bad boss. And even though it is important for a manager to care about the tasks his or her team must accomplish, a good manager will always consider the capabilities and skills of his or her team, instead of blatantly demanding results without regarding how people in the team feel.

     All this does not mean that a good boss is the one who is nice and tender to his or her subordinates, and a bad boss is one who demands too much, though. In fact, a “good” boss can possess all the traits of a “bad” one: he or she can criticize, yell, or force people to do a lot of work within a short period of time, for example. However, it is the sense of limits that makes the difference. Robert Sutton, a professor of management at Stanford University, says that: “The best bosses have that ability to sort of turn up the volume, to be pushy, to get in people’s faces when they need it, maybe to give them some negative feedback, and to back off when it’s the right time to do that as well. We want people leading us who are confident, who are competent, who act like they’re in charge, who make firm decisions, but we don’t want to work for arrogant, pigheaded people who can’t take input. And so what you end up with is sort of this challenge: what great bosses do is find a way to walk the line between these two things”. In other words, many of the “nasty” things “bad” bosses do can be done by “good” bosses as well, but a “good” boss uses such tactics only when it is necessary and knows when to stop being pushy, unlike “bad” bosses, who know no other manner of management.

     In brief, the relationships between bosses and their employees greatly affect the productivity and the quality of work within any company; this is why it is important that these relationships are, if not friendly, then at least constructive and respectful. Unfortunately, not all managers know how to treat their personnel well. There are traits that indicate a bad boss with almost 100% accuracy: such bosses often treat their subordinates as personal attendants, are demanding, pushy, and offensive for no real reason, or may let their negative traits of character loose, turning the life of regular employees into psychological hell (as in the case of emotional vampires). On the contrary, good bosses treat their subordinates with respect, consider their emotions and professional capabilities, care about teamwork, try to inspire employees instead of forcing them to do something, and even when they need to be pushy and harsh, such bosses always know when to stop.


      Men and Women are very different in many ways. Not only physically, but also emotionally, and mentally. Because of these differences, there is also a distinction in the way men or women are treated. When looking at the obvious facts that set males apart from females, it is quite clear to me that men definitely have the advantage. Not only do men have better builds than women, but men also do not have to go through certain changes throughout their lives like females do. Also, men and women are treated very differently in society. Men are, in most cases, treated better, whether it is in the workplace or just out for leisure. ………………………………………………………………………………..

      First of all, men were made with bigger, stronger, and seemingly better bodies. The strongest man is, no doubt, stronger than the strongest woman, and the majority of men are built better, or tougher than the majority of women. A man’s body can endure more than a woman’s, and in our society being stronger, bigger, or tougher is a good thing and a goal for many people. Women are seen as being weak and unable to do things for themselves.

     Secondly, men do not undergo certain unpleasant events, or changes throughout their lifetime that women have to endure.  Also, men cannot give birth, which is one of the most painful experiences a woman will ever go through. There are many different changes that happen to a woman’s body during puberty that men don’t have to go through.  Overall, women go through more changes in their lifetimes than men.


     In conclusion, woman and men are different in many ways, and they are treated differently in the society. They are different mentally and physically. Men are stronger and tougher than women. Men undergo less unpleasant events than woman. And in many cases, women are treated as second class citizens in society. How do you feel about these differences? 

1- Write a thesis statement for this essay.

2- Write the third body.

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Ghazale Saleh

suggested titles for contrast essay and their reference sites ;
1-moral and non-moral writings
2-cars and motorcycles
3-present and previous communication

mahdiyeh mokhtari

Can a hero and a villain ever be alike? Strangely, it would seem like the answer to that question would be no. However, when it comes to Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter, the two are more alike than you realize. Comparing and contrasting these two unique characters based on their destinies, families, and friends can show you how Harry and Draco have more in common than one might think.

You can’t control your fate. The truth of these words for Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy drive the paths of their lives. However, how each different boy’s fate unfolds is what makes one considered the hero and the other a villain. Harry Potter is destined to be the “Chosen One”. He did not choose this destiny, but it was thrown on him as a child because of how events unfolded for his family. On the other hand, Draco Malfoy has family expectations of siding with and supporting the death eaters because of his father’s affiliation. Failure to follow Voldemort could lead to not only his death but that of his family.

Ghazale Saleh

1- Thesis statement;
Now, let find out which one is better,based on mentioned facts and natural differences,being a man or a woman?
2-The third body;
And finally,if you notice to the men mental condition,you will get the point that most of the time men are in a stable type of emotion.As every one knows,women are over -sensitive and in case of being in different situations ;their behavior would change easily ,on the contrary;men are more logic and hardly ever decide by their inner feelings and this is the main reason of not being a woman as a judge of courts.

محبوبه امیریان

1. Now, let’s look more at the physical, emotional and mental structre of men and women.
2.Third, the mental structre of men and women is different and they don’t have an equal understanding of life issues. Women’s mental structre is more emotional, and this is exactly what is needed for a child to grow. Whereas men’s mental structre is more logical, which helps them to make more progress in their work and daily life.

محبوبه امیریان

I read two contrast essay like: Harry potter vs Draco Malfoy & studing then and now.

Mehrab Ebrahimi

now, let’s know which one is better or more complete than another, men or women? and check them about physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Third body:
the mental structure of women is more emotional more that men and can communicate with children better than men. the women are sensitive more than men and their behavior can change more than men. whereas the men are exactly contrariwise of women. they have logical behavior in life, especially when they are working, they don’t decide with their emotional. finally according to research the women are emotional more than the men, and the men are logical or hardly more than the women.

Mehrab Ebrahimi
Hamed Ashkar

1.mental and physical ability of men and women are inherently different in some of the main traits and under in influence of gender in a way they act differently from each other.
Men usually don’t go into details, while women pay close attention to the depth of issues and details in communication and other matters.usually,theses characteristics of man and women think that a man is careless and inattentive about many issues, and a man considers his wife to be a sensitive person who always keeps his mind occupied with trivial matters.

Mohaddese Beykzadeh college vs university
2.scribd _ traditional class vs online class

Mehrab Ebrahimi
Mehrab Ebrahimi
آخرین ویرایش 3 سال قبل توسط Mehrab Ebrahimi
سعید ایزدپناه

Thesis statement
Now in this article, we want to compare physical and emotional structure between men and women.
2:the third body
Finally:emotions among women are more powerful than men, and,this the emotional relationship with children as well as their wife deeper than men.
And in society, women emotions appear more often, and, one of the factors that the women can not judge and export the ruling for the same sense of pity and his goodness. And naturally, men pay more logical thinking.
It seems that men are more practicing on this issue, they will have happier relationships,and, more prosperous lives.

Mahsa Maghsoodi

Now,we want to know more about mental,emotional and also physical structure of men and women and find out which one is more better and stronger?

Third body
The mental structure of women are quite different from men,becuse women are so emotional and sensitive so, they can not usually cope with difficult things; while, men are so stronger than women and they behave logically,they are in a stable most of the time and they have strong personality so ,they couldn’t change easily in diffrent situation contrariwise women.

Sahar Arfaei

Exercise 1

1- The first essay was about Cars vs. bikes. The first and third bodies talked about bikes and the second body talked about cars. The last two bodies compared cars and bikes with each other.
MegaTalk: Compare and Contrast (

2- The second essay was about CATS Vs DOGS. The first body mentioned their similarities, but the second and third bodies compared dogs and cats with each other.


3- The third essay was about Books Vs Films. The first and the second bodies talked about differences between books and films and the third body mentioned similarities between these two.

Books vs Films: Comparison (

4- The fourth one was about Being an Only Child or Having Siblings. The fist, second, and third bodies mentioned advantages of having siblings and the last two bodies covered advantages of being an only child.

Being an Only Child or Having Siblings Free Essay Example (

Exercise 2

1- It is shown how mental, physical, and emotional differences play a role as a criterion for distinguishing men from women.

2- Finally, in many cases, it’s obvious that women are treated as second class citizen in society. It is undeniable that women, in general, have suffered all sorts of discrimination and have been treated poorly by every society around the world for as long as history has been recorded. All countries in the world have announced their support to equal rights for women. Yet, on a daily basis, various forms of discrimination and violence against females take place around the world. Sometimes, men install glass ceilings to separate women, which prevent them from moving up in their careers.

shaghayegh mirshekar

1:Now we want to examine the differences between men and women in terms of mental and physical characteristics
men and women are different in their ethical attitudes and decision making. women are more emotional and sensitive Whereas men’s mental structre is more logical
although men and women are equal in terms of human value,Men are better in making some decisions.

Zahra Siadati

1.always these difeerences are talked;Now,in this essay we want to findo ut which one is better.
2.The Third one is that in some societies women even don’t have some simple rights and always they have to ignore their goals and also themselves. Eventhough men allowed to do whatever they want without any scare.Unfortunately in some cases women don’t have a security but no body cares and maybe she doesn’t allowed to defend herself.

Topics for essay:
Villages life and city life
High school vs. College
Winter vs. Summer

Tayebeh Ahmadi
Tayebeh Ahmadi
Tayebeh Ahmadi
Tayebeh Ahmadi

[۵/۳۰،‏ ۱۳:۱۰] Ahmadi:

East and West culture
[۵/۳۰،‏ ۱۳:۱۵] Ahmadi:

Plane and train
[۵/۳۰،‏ ۱۳:۱۶] Ahmadi:

Hero vs. Villain

Tayebeh Ahmadi


If you notice to the rest of the essay , you can get a lot of facts that can proved which one is obetter ,men or women?

2: third body

Another point ,Based on the strong and efficiency on each man,they can be also work in more vital social level positions ,in compare with women who are more sensitive and mentally weak as much not being suitable enough to authorize in hard and tough situations. So men are more powerful in different cases such as ;being a president ,soldier, governor, and etc.

احسان غلامی

1- Thesis statement:
Despite of the psychological and physical differences we are all humans and we should have equal rights and opportunities in our lives.
2- Third body
Men and women have mental differences too.For example women have better memory than men.They can recall events or experiences that have similar emotions in common. Women are very adept at recalling information, events or experiences in which there is a common emotional theme. Men tend to recall events using strategies that rely on reconstructing the experience in terms of elements, tasks or activities that took place.

فاطمه یزدان بخش

1.Now let’s talk more about the differences. Do not forget that not only women, but also men may get under pressure by the society, people, other genders, etc…

2.third, Men can focus on one specific subject while women may have lots of thoughts about everything that happens around them. Being in same situations would be different for men and women. In such situations men can handle everything better than women and vice versa.

فاطمه یزدان بخش

1.Now let’s talk more about the differences. Do not forget that not only women, but also men may get under pressure by the society, people, other genders, etc…

2.third, Men can focus on one specific subject while women may have lots of thoughts about everything that happens around them. Being in same situations would be different for men and women. In such situations men can handle everything better than women and vice versa.


Nadia salmani

1)In these statement talk about differences of woman and men and compare emoyional and physical strutcure between men and woman.
2)and at the end of there are many differences However, men have a slightly more serious and different structure than women Women are a little more emotional and gentle.

Atena Raoufi

Thesis Statement:
Now, let’s take a closer look at the physical and mental differences between men and women.

2- The third body:
Finally, Women are considered second-class citizens in many developing countries and even in some developed countries. Some cultures look at women as the inferior gender. Many men still think that women should stay home and only work at home. But, women nowadays are more educated and work as hard as men. It is time to trust empowered women more and more.

Atena Raoufi

links of the contrast essays are:

Suggested titles for the above essays are as follows:
1- Men and women differences
2- Part-time jobs, useful or not?
3- Love and hate
4- Public universities vs. Private universities


1,now,in this article,we express the differences between men and women phisically and emotinal.
2,Finally, in some countries, there is believing that women should be men who are under men and do not behave with women and do not have much of the right to rights, but people should believe that women like the men can be strong and manage life.

Fouad Ghanbari Ghahraman

Now, let find out which one is better,based on mentioned facts and natural differences,being a man or a woman?

Research on men and women differences in aggression has shown that men are generally more likely to display aggression than women, how much of this is due to social factors and gender expectations is unclear. Aggression is closely linked with cultural definitions of “masculine” and “feminine”.

Mahsa Maghsoodi

Now,we want to know more about mental,emotional and also physical structure of men and women and find out which one is more better and stronger?

Third body
The mental structure of women are quite diffrent from men,becuse women are so emotional and sensitive so, they can not usually cope with difficult things;while,men are so stronger than women and they behave logically, they are in a stable most of the time and they have strong personality so, they couldnt change easily in diffrent situation contrariwise women.

Zahra Bagherian

1: Now, let’s take a look at the differences between men and women physically, emotionally and mentally and find out which one is better.

2: Finally, the mental structure of men is different from women. Women are more emotional than men. They react emotionally to disappointments in life. If they want to make a decision it’s based on their feelings. While, men are logical and have strong emotions when confronted with challenges and disappointments in life. Women are sensitive and can cry easily but men are insensitive and rarely cry even when their loved ones die.

Mohadese rasouli

2.Finaly, women have the ability to focus on and deal with multiple issues and problems at the same time and easily do them but men only have the ability to focus on a certain task at a given time and devote all their attention and focus to that task.

1.So what do you think about it? Do women can do every thing like men?or vice versa? in this paragraph you will see how much diffrient exist among men and women.

motahare jalaezadeh

1.Now, In this essay we will identify what is the differences between men and women.
2.At the end, men and women are very different mentally. Women pay more attention on every thing during their life, while men are holistic in most matters of life. Also, there is strong justice in men when judging others, but sometimes women judge people based on their emotions.

Fatemeh Mojaver

1-Now in this essay, we want to compare physical and emotional structure between men and women.
2- Finally, It’s obvious that women are treated as second class citizen in society. In most countries women face many limitations due to their misbehavior and lack of understanding. These restrictions prevent women from progressing and promoting. As a result, women should try to correct these misbehavior that they can enjoy equality in society.

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