An anecdote is a short and entertaining story. It is usually a personal story, and it's better to use the pronoun 'I' for this story

A sample anecdote:

      Physical gestures and body language have different meanings in different cultures, and misunderstanding these signals can sometimes become embarrassing. Although I spent a lot of time among non-Americans, I had never really realized what this could mean in practical terms. I had an experience which taught me well, however. Some years ago, I organized and accompanied a small group of  visiting foreign students to New York for four days of sightseeing by bus. Because these students were rather young, and because New York is such an overwhelming city, I was constantly counting heads to be sure we hadn’t lost anyone. In the U.S., it is very common to count people or things by pointing the index finger and , of course, I used this method. One young man became extremely quiet, and I thought that perhaps he wasn’t enjoying himself. When I asked him what was the matter, he replied, “in my country, we count people with our eyes. We use our fingers to count the pigs.” 

My best friend

      My best friend is Sara, and we have a lot of beautiful memories hanging out with each other. We have known each other since childhood. She helped me in a very special way. At the age of 8, I moved to another city. It was very scary for me to go to a new school. I was very shy then. In fact, I was afraid to speak to other students and even teachers. Sara asked me to eat lunch with her on my first day. During the next several months, she helped me to adjust to life in the new school and out of school, too. Now, Sara is in Australia with her husband and two children. We haven’t seen each other for eight years. However, we stay in touch by email and on Facebook. We telephone each other at least once a month. Sara changed my life for better, and we will be friends forever. 

Topics for writing

Choose one of these topics and write an anecdote. 

  1. A person’s life can change overnight.
  2. Having a bad dream can ruin your whole day.
  3. Tell me about the best holiday you had. 
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A person’s life can change overnight.
(Best night )
Today is special day for me i choose important part of my life , want to be writer and write a lot of book ,for the first i want to read a book to know that how can i do it and almostly i read 2 book to understand better , and i very bored now and i start to read the newspaper it says about chess ; don’t know why but i really like that and i rad all of them and i search about it . My dad comming at night and when he understands i read about chess he says:i read something about chess that is very interesting to playing it it has mach in the world that if you win you get a lot of money and it’s so cool .if you want you can learn and play that .i never think about chess i choosed to be writer , but know i think that if i choose chess i will be happier than it and now i want to be the best in chess and world mach , these night is really important of my life it’s the best and special for ever .
Vida mohadesi abdol abadi

Elnaz Mozafari

Elnaz Mozafari
 Having a bad dream can ruin your whole day, and no one knows way we some nights have a bad dream.
Three month ago I had a bad dream and then when I woke up I felt terrible I didn’t have energy. The whole of my dream was dark with a green light, I was in a big mosque whit a big yard and I was alone. I was scary I didn’t know where I am, I was constantly running in that yard so I could escape, but suddenly I noticed people wearing long black shirts coming towards me. I tried to escape from them, but again I saw them everywhere in the mosque. I had a lot of fear and I could not think and they were getting closer to me every moment. Finally I found a way to escape. I walked away from them and those green lights fade and I woke up suddenly. I had a strange feeling all day and I could not forget that scary dream.

Nooshin Khoddam ahmadi

The best holiday
I want to talk about best holiday. Last summer I had the best holiday in my life. I went to HAMEDAN with my family. I stayed for one week. HAMEDAN was a beautiful city and the people were cordial. I visited AlISADR cave and the treasury of the tumb of BU ALI SINA, BABA TAHER and several beautiful was one of the best holiday.

Saeed Karimian

Merdas chocolate 

  Some words are known as false friends and are either spelled or pronounced the same as words in other languages, but they can have very different meanings: they might be harmless in one language but quite insulting in another. Back in 2015, my Portuguese friend, Antonio, had met me before New Year in Mashhad. He is a coffee lover, so I invite him to my friend’s café, and I asked my friend to prepare a special one for Antoni. But things got weird when he brought the coffee to the table. Antonio got surprised! And he starts getting details about the chocolate, which they served beside the coffee cup; Is it made in Iran?, What does the name meaning?, How do you guys pronounce it? I said I don’t have any clue what you talking about, but the pronounce is Merdas. Antonio said what? I said a little bit louder, Merdas! That word had him in fits of laughter, then he said: I got completely by surprise when I saw the name. Beg pardon but in Portuguese Merdas meaning feces. A few seconds silent, then was my turn to laugh my head off.

Shoeib turani

I want to talk about the best holiday that before Corona I went to Qeshm and Bandar Abbas and my friends stayed there for about 10 days .
I prefer to travel with my friends In the event that a month later I went to shomal with my family.
But the trip I had with my friends was more enjoyable than with my family.
Because I always laugh with my friends and we are playing clowns and pranks.
When the flight landed and we entered the Bandar city We have felt very good because the people were hospitable.
There were plenty of shopping malls in the Bandar and every time we went there, when people found out we were non-natives, they would greet us and give us discounts.
One of the most spectacular places Bandar was Pergola Mansion.
I remember having a lot of fun here with my friends.
One of the things that was interesting to us was the way they dressed that
Which was very different from us Khorasani

Amir hosein Alizadeh

My best holiday was two years ago.
Two years ago,my best friends at school and I went on holiday
In winter,we went on a ten-day trip to the city of ahvaz,the weather there was so warm!
We took the train and we were on the road for thirty-six hours and it was a little difficult for us because the train seats were broken!
The people of Ahvaz were cool and my friends and i had a great time
I bought a perfume and headphones in that city and unfortunately i didn’t have more mony to buy more things because the markets there were very cheap
My friends and I had a great time and took pictures together
I will never forget this holiday

Mohadese nasri

No, in my opinion, no one’s life changes overnight. Of course, it is only possible to change the way of thinking, but one night many things do not change. These changes must take a long time. Some things are very different from money in life, and as the old saying goes, you can not go a thousand ways overnight. You should try to achieve goals. Those who change everything overnight certainly lose everything quickly, but those who The hard work and effort of getting their favorite things, they appreciate what they have, and overnight nothing changes in my opinion, because you can’t have a spring flower, this is exactly what it says.

Maryam Abravan

The best holiday for me happened this year.
The New Year holidays coincided with my marriage.
It was very happy for me because I started the new year and the new century with a new life with a kind and kind-hearted man. I experienced new and beautiful days in this holiday with my wife. Most importantly, I realized the true meaning of love during this holiday season, which is why the New Year holiday was the best holiday of my life.

mohammad hossein Tavakoli Nasab

The best holiday

My best holiday took place last 3 summers, when I travelled to South America, Chile for the first time. I went there with my wife. We chose this destination because of its reputation of being one of the happiest country in the world – it is absolutely true! It was wonderful, more than anyone could imagine.

Chile is a long, narrow country stretching along South America’s western edge, with more than 6,000km of Pacific Ocean coastline. Santiago, its capital, sits in a valley surrounded by the Andes and Chilean Coast Range mountains


The diversity of wildlife was

awesome. There were waterfalls, grasslands and unknown places. The jungle

combines with lots of beautiful white-sand beaches.


The food was really good too. It was very

simple, with rice and vegetables for our everyday meals, but it tasted

especially delicious right there, amongst nature and the animals.


We slept in very simple hostels every night,

but with very friendly owners like all the other native people we met.


Chilean often answer the question ‘How are

you?’ with the expression ‘Pura vida’. The translation is ‘pure life’, that

could mean ‘cool’ or ‘everything is fine’. It makes real sense, once you have

been there.


On our last trip day, I remember that my wife

turned to me and said, “That was the best holiday I’ve ever had”.

It was same to me . . .

Atena sadat mousavi kahani

(The Best Holiday)

I and my husband had one of the best holiday in the north iran 3 years ago. One day my husband and i decided to go on a trip to the north of iran and after planning we packed our things and left. I love traveling, especially to the north of iran. When i got to the north and we took home, i quickly went to the sea and jumped in the water and played, and then i went to change my clothes, and then i and my husband went to the forest and i had a great time. I always was eating ice cream on the way, and again the next day i went to the sea and jumped again in the water and at night we lit a fire and until the morning my husband and i sat near the fire. In short, this story lasted 4 days and i had a good time.
Do you know why it was different?
Because my daughter did not bother me.

آخرین ویرایش 3 سال قبل توسط Atena sadat mousavi kahani
Atena sadat mousavi kahani

سلام استاد
من برایindentationفاصله زیاد میزارم. ولی اعمال نمیشه .در حد ۱فاصله میشه فقط.چون باید بیشتر فرورفتگی داشته باشه یا همون indentation.ولی اعمال نمیشه ، گفتم بگم بهتون.


body language and the gesture of the body always reveal you!
specially when you are lying and trying to convience somebody,usually your body tell the y truth by increase your heartbeat or covering your eyes from the front face and eventually you called a lier!
so always says truth.


I have a dream of a world made up of good people which includes their choices, their passions, their likes & all the good things that they desire. In fact we cannot live in such a world which exists in my dream but I think in dreams we can make anything happen.
I have a dream of a world where everybody helps each other and there is no place for jealousy among people. It is a place where people are not segregated in terms of caste and creed. There is no difference between the poor and rich, but all are considered as equals.
My dream world is full of goodness & fun which we hardly see in this real world. Today we are not safe to live in this world no matter where we are but in my dream world everybody is safe. Though my dream of an imaginary world still deep down in my heart I sincerely wish that someday this world become a better place to live by replacing hatred with love & harmony.
It’s a great feeling to have a dream and work towards making it come true.

آخرین ویرایش 3 سال قبل توسط motaharejalaezadeh
Fatemeh shafei

I decided to go to the market with my friend on Saturday.I went to Sajjad Bazaar with my friend.I took Snap and we went to the market together.I bought a coat for myself.I bought a hair clip for my sister.I suggested to my friend that after shopping,we went to Sajjad juice.I ordered pistachio milk and my friend orange juice.

Milad Hassanzadeh

A person’s life can change over a night
so this terrible memory goes back to when i was 14 a simple friday’s night and we go to our grand- -mother’s house to enjoy her company bytheway she is like the most lovlist person in my life anyway we spend such anice night there i make some joke she laughed every thing was uncle lives on her house too but that night he was workig on something so we decided not to bother him friday morning i learnt that my uncle was found dead in his room for suffcating by carbone monooxcide and my mother was the one who found him. this was very shocking to me and to this day wonder what if that day i knocked on his door and maybe this wouldnt have happened
P.S :well you askes for a life story but sorry if this is one has a bitter taste

Mohadese Rasouli

Snowy day
I love winter very much and I love going out in the snow and cold weather.After staying at home for a long time, we decided to go out. We got ready and went to the green spring.
We stopped just before the spring.everywhere was covered with snow. There was no water or river around us. We made a fire hard to make tea.
But we did not have enough drinking water. So we decided to melt the snow and make tea with them. We all set to work, collecting clean snow and letting it melt.It felt great next to the fire and the tea made with snow.
Collecting snow without gloves felt good, it felt like freezing inside. But it was an unforgettable day. By the fire, the cold weather and the tea made with snow were really amazing.


a persons life can be change overnight by finding lots of money. if you never ever exprienced a luxury life style , you can exprience it by this way . then you make some planes in order how to spend it.but if you are a thoughtless person you lose whole money and you return to your simple life!

Zahra Sahrayi

The best vacation, I had refers to the time, I took my entrance exam. I didn’t go home, when I took the entrance exam and spent the whole day walking and having fun;and then after a few days, I traveled a way. During the trip, I went to see one of the recreational places called “Chamestan”, which was full of beauty.As a result, I think you should put post-exam vacations in your schedule.
3.Tell me about the best holiday you had. ?

آخرین ویرایش 3 سال قبل توسط Zahra Sahrayi
Sina Shorafa Esfahani

Sina Shorafa Esfahani

☆Bad Dream☆

Having a bad dream can ruin your whole day. This is what I want to prove you it is true. I have had this experience. As far as I remember, I had a bad dream
one night which on that dream, there was a very old man with a long white beard, that he told me, “I am in your dream because I want to inform you when you wake up, you will die after the sunshine.” Although I knew that it was just a dream but I couldn’t calm down and fear overcame to me. I ruined all of the day and I canceled all of my date such as the appointments and classes. I stayed just at home and I was waiting for death. I realized it wasn’t real after sunshine, however, the dream ruined my whole day. This example shows that a bad dream
can ruin your whole day.

Fatemeh Mojaver
 Having bad dream can ruin your whole day.
   When I was a teenager, I dreamed of flying over a large garden. This garden was very scary and without any greenery. Flying in such conditions was very scary and terrible.
This scary dream lasted for about 2 hours. These dreams are usually longer
This black garden was full of scary sounds and bats were flying beside me.
It was midnight when I woke up, and could not sleep until morning.
The next morning started with a headache and a bad mood.
As a result, getting a good night's sleep is a good start to the next day.

The first day of school
One of the best days I have never forgotten. It was the first day of school’s doughter. My doughter was out going, and sociable, so she was happyness.
She was like independent human being; however, she was confused becuse of place, atmosphere, and all of student how gathering at the same day. It was the best day for me.

Tahere mohaddes

Chapter 6
This chapter focuses on the law of concentration.Following this concentration needs the ABCDE technique.
Generally,you have to bring all of your energy and focus directly to one point.
What you should do is to set the priorities before doing anything,then choose the most important thing to do it’s apparent that you ‘ll do the most valuable task by all your motivation.
Prepare a sheet of paper, write down all the tasks you’re going to do.after that place A,B,C,D next to each item.
Remember that A is the most valuable task to do first.other items such as B and C have mild consequences. “B” item is defined as a task that you should do, but what about item “C”?
It’s defined as sth which you would be pleased to do,and it has no serious consequences.keep on doing this every day, every month and… . After a while,you can see that you have improved a lot on settings priorities.
You will also see yourself as an impeccable person.

Tahere mohaddes

Eat that frog chapter 7
Everybody works during their whole your specific field,you have some key results.what are they?
Identify and write them have to be the best in your own field.
For example,the key result areas of management are planning,organizing, staffing, delegating, supervising, measuring,and reporting.these are the areas in which you can get your results to be successful in your field.
Do all of these and want somebody to give you an advice.let others to consult with you.Get other’s message and invite honest feedback.
It’s the only way to get better in your field.try to make a habit of doing this analysis regularly.if you do that, you are actually permitted yourself to improve.

Tahere mohaddes

Chapter 8 Eat that frog
In this chapter,we are going to talk about three most important tasks and their significant effects on your life.
Identify the three serious tasks in your work.Then,try to recognize which one of those three is the most important.organize them by priority.when you get that,start doing them.keep on working hard,work every day,do not postpone anything,make plans for the next day,week or… .
At the end of the day,you will achieve what was in your mind.You will see the result.

Tahere mohaddes

Chapter 9
In this chapter,we are going to talk about procrastination again.
Prepare yourself completely before you begin doing your know why? Because when you’re determined and ready for your goals,you are like a cocked gun or an archer with an arrow pulled back taut in the bow, furthermore you ‘ll get more things done, you’re actually avoiding procrastination.
Another way to avoid procrastination is to be productive,create a work area where you enjoy spending should be clean and tidy.The cleaner and neater your work environment is,the more positive and productive you ‘ll be.

Tahere mohaddes

Chapter 10 Eat that frog
This story is about taking 1 oil Barrel at a time.
A goal is always reached by taking one step and the next steps.taking one step also leads you to overcome procrastination;for instance,if you’re an athlete and there’s a specific exercise, you’ll reach that by practicing every day.
There’s an old saying that”by the yard it’s hard,but inch by inch , anything’s a cinch!”
In general,if you want to accomplish your biggest task in your life,you should discipline yourself to take it just one step at a time.

Tahere mohaddes

Chapter 11
It’s the time to say something about upgrading our skills.
First of all, there’s a question.why should we upgrade our skills? let’s check it out.
Upgrading your skills is one of the most important personal productivity principles of all.there are different things that you need to learn in your field.Don’t ever think that it’s too late to learn new things.consider that human usually procrastinate due to lack of confidence, inadequacy or an inability in a key area of the task.these all can discourage you from starting the try to learn and gather information to start it.then, continue to learn and upgrade your information.
Focusing on your specific areas which you have chosen will help you to get the goal.

Tahere mohaddes

Chapter 13:
This story tells us about how we can reach our goals and objects faster.
By setting deadlines and subdeadlines on every task and activitiy.
There are a lot of people who are waiting for someone to save their lives.waiting for others is like waiting for buses where no bus passes. unfortunately no one is going to help you.there’s only one person who can help you and that’s the one whom you see in the mirror; that’s exactly the person whom the mirror reflects when you look at.
Stand up once and work entirely without supervision.put the pressure on yourself.create imaginary deadlines because that’s one of the best ways to overcome procrastination.imagine that you have to leave your city the next month,so you have to finish your work before your departure.write down each step you pass.
It’s the race against your own clock.

Tahere mohaddes

Chapter 14 (frog ?)
In this chapter,the author talks about motivation.
Every task which is going to be done,needs motivation.Untill we are not motivated,we won’t do the task and if we do,we’ll probably quit it after a short,one of the most valuable things is our motivation and responsibility.
Now,maybe you have a question.How can we motivate ourselves into action?
First,be an optimistic must decide to respond positively to the words, actions, and reactions of the people and situations.second,you should control your inner dialogue,too.
Remind yourself that you to yourself positively.Refuse to complain about difficulties.instead of complaining,find a solution.
Optimistic people always look for a solution to each problem and ask “what is the solution?”
And the last,think constantly about your goal and getting it.
Optimistic people seem to be more effective in almost area of life.

Amirhosein Alizadeh

My best holiday was two years ago.
Two years ago,my best friends at school and I went on holiday
In winter,we went on a ten-day trip to the city of ahvaz,the weather there was so warm!
We took the train and we were on the road for thirty-six hours and it was a little difficult for us because the train seats were broken!
The people of Ahvaz were cool and my friends and i had a great time
I bought a perfume and headphones in that city and unfortunately i didn’t have more mony to buy more things because the markets there were very cheap
My friends and I had a great time and took pictures together
I will never forget this holiday


The last trip l went with my family was two years a go.this trip was the longest trip l went with my family.the destination of our trip was this long round trip we passed 6cities named Torbat heydarieh,Tabas,Yazd,Shiraz and Bandar abbas.we stay in 6 cities 2 to 3 days,in some cities we went hotle and in some cities we pitched my opinion,Yazd was a historical and desert city and the sight of this city were its wells and aqueducts.Shiraz had an irreqular city,temperat climate and intresting sights but Esfahan was a very clean city,warm blooded people and also very beautiful sights in this city,including thirty-three bridges and copper markets.l spent the best day in Esfahan.our final destination was Qeshm,which was considered a city as a shopping center.every were we went in this city,its people praised the first year when it rained,and at the end of Banda abbas it seemed like a very dangerous,dark city with a very hot of the problems with this trip was the stubbornness of the cities with the people of Mashhad,wich l didnt know the reason for,everyone said something,but it was my best trip during my life.

Malike Sadat Ebadi

Having a bad dream can ruin your whole day. My teacher said this sentence when one of my classmates told us about a dream she had had the night before. Speaking of bad dream reminds me that once I had a bad dream about being bite by a big black dog. I dreamed that my friends and I were walking in the garden and were laughing and talking suddenly a dog jumped over the wall and came to the garden and ran toward me. I ran away by seeing the wild dog and asked my friends to help and rescue me ; but one of my friends said we can’t help you and you will be bite by this dog. I woke up while I was shaking. My face was covered by sweat and I couldn’t stop thinking about that nightmare. The day after one of my friends called and invited me to have dinner in their family garden. I accepted her invitation and soon after get ready to go there. When I arrived, I saw a big black dog was standing by the door. I hadn’t been in their garden before, so I didn’t know they have a black dog. The whole day I was at the building that was located in the center of garden and just looking at the great scenery through the window and even I scared of going to the balcony. Whole day I was thinking about the bad dream that I had the previous night and it ruined my whole day.

Farzaneh Hosseinzadeh

2 years ago, my family and I went to Dubai which was the best holiday that I’ve ever had.
modern towers, attractive streets and amazing shopping centers draw tourist’s attention.
that was a flowers garden which reminds me the most beautiful view in that city and
there was a global village that includes famous souvenir from different countries and the interesting point was our country had a branch there which has especial carpets and Saffron for tourists . I bought some colorful handmade from Chinese shopping.
I recommend you to visit this wonderful city.

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