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Here you can learn how to speak like a native speaker. I gathered different sentences from American movies that you can use to be more native like. 

Behnaz Rahmani

Speak with confidence

lower the car window

Roll down the car window ( the opposite is to roll up the car window)

You made a fool of me

You make me look silly

Get over here

Come here

Sweep it up

Remove it by using a broom or a brush

You are grounded

You are punished and you are not allowed to leave the house

She is a control freak

She is someone who likes to control other people. (she is a bossy person)

I'm coming right over

I'm coming there right now

There was no spark

There was no feeling of attraction

It is a hat rack

It is a hat stand. (It is used for hanging hats on)

I am in

I want to participate; count on me

It was a rough morning

It was a hard morning that wore me down

It is a house of pain

This house is full of suffering

I was at my lowest then

I was in a dark place. (depressed or sad)

He is going to bomb

He is going to make a fool of himself

Message recieved

I got your message or point

His days are numbered

He is dying

I am going to skip work today

I am not going to work today

You got to be kidding me

You are joking

double check it please

Check it again please

Love can blossom

love can develop

It is a rebound relationship

It is a relationship that shortly follows the ending of a previous one

Draw the curtain

Open the curtain

Close the curtain

The faucet keeps leaking

The faucet continues dripping

Hang out with friends

Spending time with friends

I am stuck

I am trapped

I am done with it

I have nothing else to do with it

You are really pooping this party

You are ruining this party

He is mad at us

He is angry with us.

It took me twenty minutes

I spent twenty minutes on it. 

I can tell you from experience

I experienced it, and I know it is true.

Not a chance

Absolutely not

No way

You step into my office without permission

step out is the opposite

You enter my office without permission.

Let me in on your little trick

Allow me to be a part of your little trick.

You set the bar too high

You stablished an expected standard of quality which is too high.

You stablished an expected standard of quality which is too low.

He has got bigger things on his plate

He has more important things to do.

Off you go

You can leave now.

Something is off with him

Something is wrong with him.

Tell me about it

I know what you are going through. (used for saying that you already know about something unpleasant that someone has just described because you have experienced it yourself.)

Let's not get worked up about it

Let’s not get upset or very excited about it.

They got it figured out

They understood it.

I can take it

I’m tough enough to take criticism.

She is rushing into that marriage

She is getting married without first thinking carefully about it.

It is tacky

It is of cheap quality.

I puzzled that one out

I understood it.

I've been a full

I’ve been stupid; I ‘ve been decieved.

Everybody cancelled on me

Everybody cancelled coming to my party, meeting, etc.

It is a hunch

It is a feeling; it is a guess.

You are pretty sure of yourself

You are confident in your abilities.

It is a carefree day

It is a day without any worries.

I will bounce back

I will return to normal quickly. (usually after a difficult situation)

He put you through terrible things

He made you experience difficult or unpleasant things.

It has been sitting there for five months

You were supposed to do something or fix something, but you delayed if for five months.

I am coming between you

I am being the third person in a relationship.

She tries to salvage the relationship

She tries to save or rescue the relationship.

I am a joke

I am stupid; I am completely useless.

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